Long-Term (or Long Tail) Model Intercomparison Project

LTMIP is a community-driven, completely unfunded series of model intercomparison experiments to examine the long-term uptake of anthropogenic carbon emissions. Use the links shown in red for a description of the experimental design or to obtain results. Please read everything on this page before deciding to participate or use any results.

Many experiments are proposed but not all need to be done by all participants. The minimum requirement is a model that tracks ocean carbon. The output specified is meant to be a guide to the minimum amount considered useful. More complete output would be desirable. The idea is to have guided but flexible requirements to encourage wide participation. Preferred file format for multidimensional data is netcdf. For one dimensional data, such as atmospheric CO2 with time, text files would be acceptable. A brief paragraph describing a participating model is also requested.

While the greatest care has been taken in producing the results, there can be no guarantee that the results are without errors. A considerable amount of effort has gone into creating the models and generating the results of these experiments. In light of this, participants request that, if the results from any model are used in a peer reviewed paper, the author contact the person responsible for that model, so that at least one or two people from the group can be included as authors. This request is only for the first paper that any group or individual writes and it applies to each model on an individual basis. If you only want to publish one model's results, then you only need to contact the person responsible for that model. This request for joint authorship also expires at the end of 2009, after which all results should be freely available without conditions or obligations. Model results are kept on individual groups web servers so access restrictions to data may depend on the policies of individual modelling groups. It is hoped all output will be made freely available at all times.